Unstructured Synthetic Text. Beyond tabular data

Multilingual Synthetic Training Data For Intent Detection

NLP for Arabic, the case of Lemmatization

How to change your order in 10,000  different ways

AI, Climate and Synthetic Data

How to use Word Embeddings in real-life (Part II)

Why Linguistics for Text Analysis?

How Phrase Structure helps Machine Learning

How to Make Machine Learning more Effective using Linguistic Analysis

How to Automate the Generation of Training Data for Conversational Bots

On the Stanford parser (and Bitext parser)

What is the difference between stemming and lemmatization?

Evaluate the Quality of your Chatbots and Conversational Agents

What do you evaluate in your chatbots? Some ideas

How chatbots enhance customer experience in contact centers

How to reduce the training time of your chatbot

AI and chatbots: How to design a great conversation?

Siri Speaking Arabic: What Is Failing?

Natural Language Understanding (NLU) for Audio Requires a Highly Accurate and Fast Speech to Text Foundation

NLU Chatbot Evaluation- 3 Common Errors and 5 Key Steps

Why is Bitext's Text Generation Unique?

NLU vs. ITR Chatbots... Which one should I use?

Larger Language Models are Key to Higher Accuracy? So Says Nvidia

Instant Bots: The Toolbox Every Business Should Have

Custom Bots: Make Your Bot One Of A Kind

IVR With An Accent

Noisy text is realistic text

Linguistic Resources in +100 Languages & Variants

From the eCommerce problem to the chatbot solution: Part II

From the eCommerce problem to the chatbot solution: Part I

Bitext/Amazon Connect: how to connect with our services

Bitext/ Amazon Connect: a full listing

Bitext partners with Amazon Connect (for English for now)

Some figures on chatbots and eCommerce

Bitext’s Customer Support Dataset for free

Amazon Connect: the new step into chatbots

Bots that save you money

Has the bot revolution failed?

Amazon re:Invent: the Age of Data

Could language be the key to detecting fake news?

Four steps to build a great chatbot

What is Transfer Learning

From Live Chats to Chat Bots

Manual Training: Why it won't work for you

How to solve data scarcity for AI

Bitext, an Award-Winning Artificial Intelligence Company for NLP and Multilingual Synthetic Training Data

Training AI Faster with a Human in the Loop

Why opting for an NLP Middleware is important for your business

Bitext mentioned in 4 Gartner Hype Cycle Reports in 2019

AI for Fraud detection in Trading: A Case Study

Knowledge Graph Generation for Financial Databases

Chat-Based Search for Financial News in Natural Language

Synthetic Training  Data for Chatbots

Bitext presents... its new API platform video!

Chatbots in Call Centers: Make Them Work

AI for B2B Lead Generation in the Finance Sector: A Case Study

Chatbots and Customer Service: Why Do Chatbots Fail?

Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML)

Bitext Meets with Large Corporates in Hamburg

Artificial Data Is Empowering Deep Learning Applications

What Is Anonymization for and How Will your Business Profit from It?

What is Sentiment Analysis and How Does it Work?

Bitext Launches a Conversational Chatbot to Help Users Out

Decompounding German, Korean and More: a 'Gesamt + Kunst + Werk'

Business Intelligence in Text Format: Are You Acting Smart?

Why NLU Is Key for Customer Support Bots

Diving in at the Deep Learning Summit in San Francisco

How To Avoid Misunderstandings with an Effective Anonymization Tool

Smarter AI to Identify Languages: When Scripts Are Not Enough

Main Challenges for Word Embeddings: Part II

Main Challenges for Word Embeddings: Part I

Make Your AI Solutions Global with Multilingual NLP Tools

AI Challenges Are Being Met but... Who Broke Ground Here?

Speed Up Your Bot Training with Artificial Data

The Bulk of Data Wandering on the Net Is Unstructured Data

When Humans and Machines Come Together

The Ultimate AI Strategy Guide

How to Make Your Bot Conversational in Three Steps

The Power of Owning your Training Data

2,617 Is the Number of Times We Touch our Phones Every Day

Warming Up for the Chatbot Summit

Replace your FAQ-Section with a Conversational Bot

3 Ways to Enhance the Customer Journey Through AI

Highlights of FIN/SUM: The Future of Banking is Digital

Banking Automation: NLP for the Finance Industry

Konnichiwa FIN/SUM: The Greatest Fintech Event in Japan

Keep your Focus on The AI Summit

Chatbot Conference: the Event for Bot Developers You Can’t Miss

Platform-Independent Training Data: The Secret of Success

There's always room for more than one intent

Bitext: The Future of NLP according to Gartner

Google Home in Spanish: An Incomplete Understanding

Sentiment Analysis for Bot Conversations

Why chatbots don't understand Spanish

Key metrics for better chatbot performance

Language identification: a necessary step for multilingual bots

NLP pipeline: a necessary mediator between bots and customers

Artificial training data: how to speed up your bot training

Main bot integrators for Customer Support

How to fix your bot poor language to skyrocket your sales

Customer Support Chatbots: benefits of automation

Get Business Insights from Customer Reviews Automatically

Improving Rasa's results by 30% with artificial training data: Part II

Segmentation: splitting queries for bot's better understanding of users

Google I/O: Multiple Actions or Double Intent?

Bitext, 2018 Cool Vendor in AI Core Technologies by Gartner

Improving Rasa's results with artificial training data. Part I

What can language identification do for bot builders?

Bitext presents... its renewed API platform!

Building bots? You can now stop fearing day 1 of production

Smart homes for everyone

7 mandatory steps to comply with the GDPR: all you need to do

Bitext among the Top Key Players of Global Sentiment Analysis Software and Big Data Markets

TechCrunch’s bot upgrade: insights from 4 weeks of chatting

Can lemmatization and POS tagging improve your Deep Learning solution?

Get ready for the GDPR

Make your bot as smart as TechCrunch's

How we made TechCrunch's bot more conversational

Why your bot needs to be truly conversational

Bitext Makes TechCrunch's Bot Smarter and More Conversational

Bitext: Top Software For Text Analytics

Language identification in multilingual environments for NLU in AI

6 keys to building a successful human-like chatbot

Lemmatization for information retrieval

Semantic search for beginners

5 chatbot predictions for 2018

How AI will increase your sales during Black Friday

Hot Research Topics in Data Mining and NLP

Not enough chatbot users? Machine learning may not be the best solution for you

How to enhance the creation of your chatbot in Lex

Amazon Alexa in India: the keys to success

How to integrate Bitext in Chatfuel

How we trained our chatbot with one billion sentences

Starting with Generation of Variants

Build your human-like chatbot using sentence variation

I want my conversational bot to become my friend

Robotic bots are dead, long live the conversational bots

Fully automated training for conversational bots

Lemmatization: a tool to use while developing a chatbot

Enhance Text Mining through Phrase Extraction

Do you like training? Neither does your chatbot

Enhancing your home assistant: we make Jarvis work!

Let's make it simple for you and your chatbot

How to improve the creation of your chatbot on Dialogflow

NLP to Boost Artificial Intelligence

Lemmatization to enhance Topic Modeling results

How to solve coordination issue in chatbots

Improve Machine Learning Results with Deep Linguistic Analysis

How to solve the double intent issue all top chatbot development platforms cannot

How to make your chatbot more human-like

Why Linguistics for Text Analytics?

What is behind our technology? Morphological analyzer

How Phrase Structure can help Machine Learning for Text Analysis

NLP platform for Indian languages

Bitext: the Operating System for Machine Intelligence

Bitext breakthroughs in the media

Linguistics to Create a Human-Like Chatbot

Bitext at: "IBM Recycling Old Natural Language Assertions"

Machine Learning & Deep Linguistic Analysis in Text Analytics

Chatbot? Where is the chat?

From Manchester to Texas: How can I make my bot understand?

What your chatbot should know:

The money value of structured data

Text Analytics Changes Big Data into Big Revenue Opportunities

Python basics for data analysis:

What to expect from AI and Machine Learning in 2017

What happens when we combine Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence?

The real debate on Artificial Intelligence: who has the power?

3 Artificial Intelligence predictions for 2017

How AI can help retailers to WOW their customers during Christmas?

Healthcare chat bots: can they really be empathetic?

English for beginners: how many words do you need to know to start speaking?

Creating "Her": Artificial Intelligence is here!

3 Chatbot trends that are going to be massive

Is it possible to speed up the training process in Deep Learning?

Black Friday Analysis: Take Advantage of Customer Reviews

Lemmatization vs Stemming

How to train your chat bot using Linguistics

A complete introduction to chatbots

Text mining for cyber attack forensics

Natural Language Processing for beginners

Are booleans the best option to analyze text?

Text categorization beyond keyword matching

Have you ever calculated the ROI from your Social Media?

Who is Who in Text Analytics Market?

Are you happy with your call center? We are here to help!

Will Sentiment Analysis Help my Business Grow?

Insights from 140 Characters: #Twitter #SentimentAnalysis

Why Can’t your Hotel Live without Reputation Management?

Second Screen Interaction: Measuring the Success of Offline Campaigns

Enhance your business performance using surveys

Understand your Customer by using Open Ended Questions

Why Do I Need Semantics if I already Have Stars?

Case Study: Customer insights in minutes

Uncover Business Critical Insights with Topic-based Sentiment Analysis

Differences between Polarity and Topic-Based Sentiment Analysis

Automatic IAB tagging enables now semantic ad targeting

Bitext Presents at Text by the Bay on Parsing for 20+ Languages

Bitext, covered as key vendor in the “Vendor Landscape: Big Data Text Analytics” report

Bitext at the Promotion of Language Technologies Conference - Madrid

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