How to improve the creation of your chatbot on

As we saw in the previous posts, training a bot is not as simple as media says, it is, in fact, a hard task if you want to create a chatbot able to understand and answer human requests.  It...

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How to reduce the training time of your chatbot

We all know that chatbots require a training time before to start interacting with users, however taking a lot of time can be risky for businesses since its customers may go to other competitors...

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NLP to boost Artificial Intelligence

Lately, we are being bombarded by news regarding hands-free speakers that users can control with their voice. All the major players in the market had launched their own over the past months, the...

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Lemmatization to enhance Topic Modeling results

Have you ever wondered how much data do you store in your devices every day? We spend our days looking for information— no matter if it’s for business purposes or personal ones— and creating...

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How to solve coordination issue in chatbots

During the previous weeks, we have been talking a lot about different issues the users face while interacting with a chatbot.As companies, we should do our best to enhance the user experience, and...

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