Have you ever calculated the ROI from your Social Media?

Social Media irrupted in our life some years ago, however no one was expecting such a huge increase of data. But what is more important is the relevance this data has achieved to business...

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Why Linguistics for Text Analytics?

There are two different approaches to Sentiment Analysis: Machine Learning and Deep Linguistic Analysis. We have dig deeply into both of them in previous posts, particularly about Machine...

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Who is Who in Text Analytics Market?

Text analytics is the process of driving business insights from text sources such as emails, social media or surveys.

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Are you happy with your call center? We are here to help!

Text analysis technology has many applications outside from just feedback analysis. Call centers may seem out of date in this period where digital and email marketing are all around. However, in...

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Will sentiment analysis help my business to grow?

Since 2010 automated sentiment analysis has been a source of debate around the Net with questions like: What is this methodology? How does sentiment analysis work? In what context is it useful for...

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