How AI will increase your sales during Black Friday

Black Friday is that time of the year when we all go crazy for shopping, and that is amazing news for all the retailers who have their products online. As the number of e-commerce users grows,...

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Hot research topics in data mining and NLP

Natural Language Processing and data mining have been around for a while, and they are both considered as interesting fields to research about. However, it is not easy to find a novel problem or...

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Not enough chatbot users? Machine learning may not be the best solution for you

If you are building your conversational bot at Amazon Lex’s platform, you are about to hear some good news. You may have noticed training data is scarce and unless you are a really big company you...

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How to enhance the creation of your chatbot in Lex

If you have trained a chatbot yourself or you have read our previous posts about the topic for Dialogflow (former and LUIS, you already know that creating a functioning chatbot is a long...

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Amazon Alexa in India: the keys to success

As Amazon makes its first foray into the Asian market by releasing Amazon Echo in India and Japan, we can’t help but ask ourselves: Does Alexa work in India? What is the present and future of...

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