Smart homes for everyone

We have been talking about smart homes and technologies for them for a while now. They are certainly a hot topic not only in tech but in the public domain as well.

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Bitext among the top key players of global Sentiment Analysis software and Big Data markets

Research N Reports makes quality research that provides meaningful differences to enterprises and their customers. They offer a gamut of market reports covering various industry sectors. In-depth... Read More

TechCrunch’s bot upgrade: insights from 4 weeks of chatting

The upgrade we performed to TechCrunch’s Messenger bot turns 1 month today. It’s been 4 weeks since we integrated our NLP middleware into the existing bot architecture to make it benefit from our ...

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Can lemmatization and POS tagging improve your Deep Learning solution?

Although Machine Learning algorithms have been around since mid-20th century, this technology along with Deep Learning is the newest popular boy in town, with good reason. Due to recent advances...

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