How Phrase Structure can help Machine Learning for Text Analysis

This post dives into one of the topics of a previous post "Machine Learning & Deep Linguistic Analysis in Text Analytics". We referred to the strong points of Machine Learning technology for...

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NLP platform for Indian languages

India has the second largest population in the world after China with a fast growing economy. It is no surprise that many software and internet companies are focusing on this fast growing market....

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Bitext: the operating system for Machine Intelligence

Scientific language knowledge is a complement, or an alternative, to statistically-only motivated language analysis, that is why Bitext comes up as the right framework to use for Machine...

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Bitext breakthroughs in the media

Beyond Search, a news page specialized in the text analytics field interviewed our CEO, Antonio Valderrábanos, Ph.D., as part of its Search Wizards Speak series.The news piece goes trough Bitext...

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Linguistics to create a human-like chatbot

Lately, chatbots seem to be surrounded by controversy due to their limitations to interact with humans using their same language. In the process of finding a solution for this issue, Natural...

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