AI for B2B Lead Generation in the Finance Sector: A Case Study

What is the best way to generate leads in the finance sector? Digital strategies such as webinars, content marketing or paid social advertising may give great brand visibility, but are they actually initiating consumer inquiries into your products or services? If you really want higher economic outputs, it’s time to hit the target! Learn how Bitext AI solutions helped one of the leading German banks to boost its sales.

In partnership with a leading provider of cloud-based CRM services, Bitext built a B2B lead generation system for one of the leading German banks which helps detect events in news headlines. Keeping up-to-date with business news is crucial for companies in the financial sector since it allows them to target potential customers or prospects who might require financing.

Based on a linguistic approach, this system is built upon Bitext event detection and categorization technology and allows users to identify at a glance all those events that are relevant for them, depending on the ‘actions’ (verbs) associated with them. 

Let’s see a clear example:

Lead Category Example

If you want to see merges or new acquisitions, the verbs indicating those actions could be ‘acquire’, ‘buy’, ‘merge’, ‘invest in’, etc. Bitext system then monitors news headlines from various sources, detecting events that match those specified by the user. In the following headline ‘CATL to invest in an EV battery factory in Germany’, the system will give information about the agent, action, target and location (e.g. agent: ‘CATL’, action: ‘invest in’, target: ‘EV battery factory’, location: ‘Germany’). The presence of the verb ‘invest in’ categorizes this action as an M&A event, and a lead notification is sent to the responsible bank personnel.

In the table below, you can see further examples:

Bitext example B2B Lead Generation for Finance

Bitext AI solution for entity extraction retrieves relevant named entities (personal names, places, companies, addresses, dates, phone numbers, etc.) found within a text. When a text is sent to the entities’ endpoint, a single bag of entities is retrieved. Each entity found in the text appears both exactly as it does in the text and also as a ‘normalized’ version (lemma).

Moreover, it’s important to know that entities are more than just isolated strings. Entities have properties and are connected to other entities. In other words, entities live in a changing context.

The Bitext Event/Entity Extraction technology reveals this context to create Advanced Knowledge Graphs, in different languages and for different application verticals like these below:

Advance Knowledge Graphs Bitext

Here are some more tools to have an in-depth look at Artificial Intelligence for B2B Lead Generation in the Finance Sector:


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