Amazon Connect: the new step into chatbots

Do you know Amazon Connect? It’s a new platform created by Amazon —and built on AWS— that allows you to have your own Contact Center in the cloud, without having to get all the infrastructure that usual contact centers need. The philosophy is “Contact Center as a Service”, and Amazon is not the only one to implement it, but it’s actually one of the most interesting ones.

Amazon Connect is an easy to use omnichannel cloud contact center that helps companies provide superior customer service at a lower cost. One of their most attractive features for us is its connectivity to Amazon’s own chatbot platform, Lex. Thanks to this feature, you can automatize many parts —the most tedious and repetitive ones— of your customer support, assigning them to a chatbot. Plus, to automatize it even more, you can of course use Bitext’s Artificial Training Data technology. In the tests we performed some months ago, we increased Lex’ performance by more than 50 points.

Amazon Lex and chatbots
So, as you can see, the combination of Amazon Connect, Lex and Bitext’s technology can bring very promising results in the task of having all your customers satisfied and taken care of. We’re working on improving this connection to make it still easier for any companies all over the world to benefit from it.

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