What is the most criticized stuff in Twitter?

If we ask a Spanish consumer which ones are the most criticized companies on social media, he/she would quickly think about companies from very specific verticals: mobile communications and DSL...

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Bitext Presents at the European Venture Summit

As winners of the LT Innovate Award, Bitext were invited to present our technology and vision at the European Venture Summit in Berlin (Germany). The European Venture Summit is the largest meeting...

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Spanish, Internet's second language

It has been stated by a recently published report (in Spanish) from the Instituto Cervantes: Spanish is a language which is increasingly becoming more important.

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Entrevista exclusiva a Antonio Valderrábanos por Stephen Arnold

Stephen Arnold, conocido analista en el sector de las Tecnologías de la Información, ha publicado una entrevista exclusiva con el fundador y CEO de Bitext Antonio Valderrábanos: "Moving Forward with...

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Análisis de Sentimiento: Comparaciones no odiosas (1)

Ya hemos escrito sobre lo complicado que puede ser el Análisis de Sentimiento a causa del tipo de lenguaje que se emplea en las Redes Sociales. Por ejemplo:¿sabíais que existen frases que contienen ...

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