Text mining for cyber attack forensics

According to last year data there are 1,5 million cyber attacks per year, overall it may not sound much but it amounts to 4000 attacks every day or around 200 per hour. Some of them can be...

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Hot research topics in data mining and NLP

Natural Language Processing and data mining have been around for a while, and they are both considered as interesting fields to research about. However, it is not easy to find a novel problem or...

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Natural Language Processing for beginners

You may have read the NLP abbreviation lately, but even if it is related to terms like Big Data or Data Discovery maybe you haven’t realized what it stands for or even that you are using it daily.

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Are booleans the best option to analyze text?

Last week we introduced you a controversial topic: how to achieve higher accuracy while doing text categorization? We explained the two most popular approaches to approach this challenge, namely...

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