Is it possible to speed up the training process in Deep Learning?

“Artificial Intelligence has arrived to stay!” You may have heard this over the past years several times, and it’s right. However, we are not talking about a Hollywood science-fiction movie. We...

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Black Friday Analysis: take advantage of customer reviews

This is not another post about what to buy on Black Friday or which are the best deals.We already know how important this day is for retailers because the amount of money spent keeps growing every...

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Lemmatization vs Stemming

Almost all of us use a search engine in our daily working routine, it has become a key tool to get our tasks done. However, with each minute the amount of data and resources available grows...

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How to train your chat bot using Linguistics

Last week we published a complete introduction guide to chat bots and since we have received some requests to keep digging, this week we want to go one step further and explain how is possible to...

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A complete introduction to chatbots

Two weeks ago, we proposed chabots as one of the current hottest topics in data mining and natural language processing. Chatbots are becoming the new “Big Data”, everyone is starting to talk about...

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