Improve text mining using Phrase Extraction

As we have mentioned before in this blog, structured data is invaluable for businesses looking to extract relevant information from text. Whereas the problem used to be how to get enough useful...

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Using Word2Vec for ontology creation

An ontology is a data structure that groups entities in domains or types (for example the entities ‘dog’ and ‘cat’ are grouped under the type ‘animals’), and establishes relations between those...

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Do you like training? Neither does your chatbot

If you’re building a chatbot, there’s a high chance you’ve sometimes thought “Why can’t people talk in a simpler, ordered way?”. Well, as linguistics experts, here at Bitext we have good and bad...

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Enhancing your home assistant: we make Jarvis work!

The market for smart speakers is heating up: in 2014, Amazon quietly released the Echo, a 9-inch tall cylinder speaker controlled by a cloud-based voice assistant that goes by the name Alexa....

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