Build your human-like chatbot using sentence variation

Chatbots are the new black, but for a trend to succeed it needs to work efficiently, and until now, 70% of the bots available in Facebook Messenger fail to understand user requests. Based on this...

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I want my conversational bot to become my friend

When the movie “Her” was released, the plot seemed totally unrealistic but since then and due to the evolution in the field of AI, Chatbots and Virtual Assistants, a human-like AI is not such a...

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Robotic bots are dead, long live the conversational bots

Have you found any conversational bot in Facebook Messenger lately?  While many companies are putting efforts in developing bots to communicate with their clients they seem to have forgotten that...

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Fully automated training for conversational bots

Everything looks promising in the world of bots: big players are pushing platforms to build them (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, Apple), large retail companies are adopting them...

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Lemmatization: a tool to use while developing a chatbot

Whenever we search for something on the internet, something along the lines of lemmatizing words, for example, you’d probably get better search results if you include also different inflectional...

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