What is the difference between stemming and lemmatization?

When we are running a search, we want to find relevant results not only for the exact expression we typed on the search bar, but also for the other possible forms of the words we used. For...

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Bitext among the top software for text analytics, text mining and text analysis

Predictive Analytics Today is one of the must-read sites when it comes to provide review, comparison, research, commentary and analysis of enterprise software. It helps IT decision makers to...

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Language identification in multilingual environments for NLU in AI

The explosion of Artificial Intelligence over the last year has generated an increasing interest in Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technologies to build systems capable of interacting with...

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6 keys to build a successful human-like chatbot 

Talking, expressing ourselves through words, using speech to exchange information is something that comes natural to humans. Then why don’t we just talk with goods and service providers on the...

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