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Text analysis technology has many applications outside from just feedback analysis. Call centers may seem out of date in this period where digital and email marketing are all around. However, in some industries like telecommunications or home utilities where many customers need to contact their service providers call centers can make order out of chaos. 

One of the most frequent complaints when customers call to their internet provider, for example, is that they have to wait a log time until they manage to speak with the right person that can solve their issue. We all have suffered that painful moment when your heater is broken and you want to talk with someone that can help you and all that happens is they keep telling you to call to another department. It is just frustrating!

Thankfully now some companies are starting to use voice to text software instead of people to attend their customer's calls; this makes their customer happier decreasing the time they wait to solve their requests and their shareholders even happier by diminishing costs.

One of the companies using this kind of software is MasMovil. In 2016 they have become one of the Top 5 telcos in Spain and the first independent telecommunication's group.

One side of the challenge is using voice to text software. But after that is in place, you still need to analyze the texts in an agile way to be able to offer the customer the solutions she was looking for. At that point is when categorization service can make the difference. 

Let's explain first what categorization is and how does it work so there is a better understanding of their benefits:

What is categorization?

The categorization service classifies text into different categories according to a predefined taxonomy. It is commonly used to code customer feedback or reviews. They key to achieve a good categorization is the usage of deep linguistic analysis so it's possible to not only to detect concepts, verbs phrases, and entities such as "MasMovil" "offer" "cancel" "subscribe" but also to accuratly know how they interact together.

How does it work? 

For MasMovil it goes as follow: if a current custumers calls in and states that he wants a product upgrade, downgrade or just additional information the system will categorize it on the fly and this will trigger an automatized workflow. This way the custumer will get what he wanted in record speed. This a clear case of levereging categorization for custumer routing. As we said above, less time spend on the phone for the custumer and less costs in call center resources. Everyone is happier!

Can you think of what else is automatizable in your business?  Try it!


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