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Chatbot? Where is the chat?

A couple of weeks ago, Facebook introduced an upgrade for its Messenger platform. The upgrade of Messenger was aimed to improve the user experience. According to the announcement, they have taken...

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From Manchester to Texas: How can I make my bot understand?

There are around 4500 languages in the world –excluding the ones that have less than 1000 speakers— but while doing research, we realized that about 80% of the most well-known bots are built to...

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What your chatbot should know:

Bots are literally everywhere. There is an incredible amount of information available, and it is impossible to keep up to date with all the reading and to be aware of every improvement that comes...

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What is the difference between stemming and lemmatization?

As the amount of data available grows more and more every day, information retrieval systems are a must tool to have. We are used to see them in search engines, however they are starting to be...

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The money value of structured data

For all of those who work daily with data the task is becoming more arduous, not only in terms of data volume but also in time to process all the information and in the computing power required to...

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