Bitext adds Portuguese to its Semantic API public demos

Press release from Bitext:

Bitext adds Portuguese to its Semantic API public demos

Madrid, Spain, March 12th, 2013 – Bitext, provider of multilingual technology of Text Analytics for the main European languages, has announced the publication of the Portuguese version of the “Bitext API Demo” , the demonstration platform of its semantic API. Along with Portuguese, there are already three languages available (English and Spanish are the other two) for testing Bitext API for free.

Bitext API is available for testing. The services available in this platform are Entity and Concept Extraction, Sentiment Analysis and Categorization. This API can be tested using some pre-established texts and also interactively (by entering everyone’s own text). It is also possible to test the API programmatically, thanks to its easy integration into third-party systems.

Antonio Valderrábanos, founder and CEO of Bitext, considers that being able to publicly show Bitext capabilities of semantic analysis in Portuguese is very important: “After English and Spanish, Portuguese is the next Western language with higher presence in Internet, and this presence has increased 1,000% during the last decade. On the other hand, Brazil has become one of the most dynamic countries from an economic point of view. For Bitext, it is very important to be able to offer our experience and our semantic services to the Portuguese-speaking community.

The Portuguese version of Bitext API analyzes both European and Brazilian Portuguese. Other languages in which Bitext already offers its semantic services (such as French, Italian, German and Dutch, among others) will soon be available in the demo.

About Bitext

Bitext is a leading provider of multilingual Text Analytics technology for major European languages. We develop natural language processing services for software vendors so they can easily integrate semantic capabilities (Sentiment Analysis, Concept and Entity Extraction...) in their products. Our key differentiator: Deep Linguistic Analysis, which gives high levels of accuracy using a proprietary rule-based system that covers all aspects of language processing technology (morphology, syntax, semantics). Contact:

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