Bitext/ Amazon Connect: a full listing

A few days ago we announced our partnership with Amazon Connect. Today we'd like to give you more details about it. As a result of this partnership, Bitext is now offering the following three services: Instant LexBot, LexBot Booster and Custom LexBot. Let’s find out more details about them.


Instant LexBots are ready-to-go chatbots built on Lex and available from Amazon Connect. They can be deployed in minutes, and they provide a high level of accuracy out-of-the-box, thus replacing the need for weeks or months of manual bot deployment.

There are currently 5 different Instant LexBots, for the following verticals/domains: banking, retail, telecommunications, travel and utilities (more will come). They are currently available in English, but will soon be available in Spanish, followed other languages.

Each LexBot contains more than 400 utterances for the most used 20-40 intents in each industry. A one month subscription costs $99, and also allows the use of LexBot Booster to gain additional coverage (see the details on that service below).


LexBot Booster is Bitext’s “safety net” for your chatbot. It handles unrecognized customer queries by connecting your current bot to our fallback service (powered by 5M training utterances), effectively providing your bot with hundreds of thousands of additional training utterances. LexBot Booster will help increase the accuracy of natural language understanding (NLU) of any Lex bot — detecting the correct customer intent, so that your bot can provide the right answer.

You can connect a Booster to your own Lex chatbot, or use it for our Instant LexBots. There is a Booster available for the same industries as Instant LexBot: banking, retail, telecommunications, travel and utilities (only in English right now).

Each Instant LexBot subscription includes 1,000 Booster requests per month. Additional requests cost $0.01 each.


Finally, if you want a chatbot completely tailored to your needs, we offer our Custom LexBot service, a personalized consulting service, suitable for any size and kind of project. We’ll build your custom Lex bot in English and Spanish, with 90% of accuracy guaranteed by SLA.

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