Bitext at the Sentiment Analysis Innovation Summit in San Francisco

The Sentiment Analysis Innovation summit was celebrated in San Francisco, May 1-2 2014.

Antonio Valderrabanos, Bitext CEO and Founder, discussed there how linguistics leverages some key issues of the Sentiment Analysis, as accuracy, customization, topic detection and multilinguality. His presentation took place 1st of May.

Abstract of the presentation:

When I base a business decision on a large set of software-tagged opinions, am I crazy? Maybe. Accuracy is the main challenge that the Sentiment Analysis industry faces today. 70% precision is hard to achieve. But decision makers need +90%. The presentation will focus on how Linguistics provides a powerful approach to accurately analyze sentiment and, most important, to incrementally increase this accuracy in a reliable way, so even users can drive this continuous improvement process. Besides, a linguistic approach provides as well the WHAT anf the WHY. WHAT is the topic of the opinion ("the new camera of the Galaxy", "customer support agents", etc.) And WHY is this text an opinion ("I've never liked it", "it couldn't be better", etc. Finally, the presentation will address multilinguality, another challenge efficiently solved with a linguistic approach.

You can see the complete schedule here.

Sentiment Analysis Innovation brings together over 20 industry speakers that will be sharing case studies as to how better enhance your semantic analytics practises and CRM operations.

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