Bitext invited to showcase at LSI AIS Event

Press release between LSI and Bitext:

Bitext invited to showcase at LSI AIS Event

Bitext to showcase Deep Linguistic Analysis Platform at LSI AIS 2013, demonstrating a flexible platform to build semantic engines for sentiment analysis, recommendation, financial compliance & risk analysis.

San Francisco, Nov. 4th, 2013 Bitext today announced that they will participate with LSI Corporation (NASDAQ: LSI) at the LSI Annual Accelerating Innovation Summit (LSI AIS), November 20-21st in San Jose, California.  AIS focuses on how to solve the challenges and seize the opportunities presented by massive data growth, driving the “Data-centric Era” and Bitext will show how its semantic engines open new opportunities for companies of all sizes.

The Datacentric era will be driven by businesses’ need to extract value from the massive amount of information gathered by corporations. A large part of this will be focused around a business’s ability to automatically form a deep understanding of textual information The challenge with current offerings is that text analytics does not efficiently scale to big data, with state of the art pipelines typically delivering around 10MB/hour on a typical CPU. The challenge facing the industry is how to leverage all the benefits offered by deep linguistic analysis, but also do this efficiently at scale.

Bitext and LSI are collaborating on solutions to massively accelerate throughput and bring latency down by several orders of magnitude, providing at-scale insights in minimum time, with the potential to deliver the world’s fastest natural language processing platform. What makes this Deep Linguistic Analysis unique is its ability to analyze each word in every sentence, detecting grammatical properties of words, word connections in phrases, and phrase dependencies in sentence structure.

Bitext and LSI will showcase two multilingual semantic platforms. The Bitext NLP stack shows how Text Analytics can help in compliance in the financial sector, particularly for tasks like fraud detection and prevention. Bitext will also present its Sentiment Analysis engine for powering social CRM applications, social intelligence tools or digital marketing solutions.

In a context where we have moved from information scarcity to information overload, being able to understand and exploit the worldwide multilingual flow of text in real time is more than a competitive advantage, it’s a key ingredient for defining the strategy of a company.

More details on LSI Accelerating Innovations Summit: The Data centric era at - Data Means Business.

About Bitext

Bitext provides B2B multilingual semantic engines with “documentably” the highest accuracy in the market. Bitext works in two main markets: Text Analytics (Concept and Entity Extraction, Sentiment Analysis) for Social CRM, Enterprise Feedback Management or Voice of the Customer; and in Natural Language Interfaces for Search Engines. Bitext services are available through two different channels: the Bitext API, which provides a web service for third-party developers; and Bitext Consulting, which includes on-premise deployment and customization services for other markets (like Contextual Advertising or Business Intelligence). To learn more about Bitext, visit, follow us on Twitter at @Bitext or contact Virginia Ortiz at

About LSI

LSI Corporation (NASDAQ: LSI) designs semiconductors and software that accelerate storage and networking in datacenters, mobile networks and client computing. Our technology is the intelligence critical to enhanced application performance, and is applied in solutions created in collaboration with our partners. More information is available at






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