Bitext Partners with Salesforce, Offering Spanish and Portuguese Sentiment Analysis for Salesforce Marketing Cloud (former Radian6)

Press release between Salesforce and Bitext:

Bitext Joins Expanding Salesforce Marketing Cloud Social Insights Ecosystem

Bitext Sentiment enables customers to harness the power of social intelligence and connect with customers in entirely new ways.
Insights ecosystem taps into social data from leading social analytics vendors like Bitext.

Madrid, Spain, Oct. 19, 2012 – Bitext today announced it has joined the growing Salesforce Marketing Cloud Insights ecosystem. Bitext Sentiment brings multilingual sentiment analysis, powered by deep semantic analysis, to the Insights ecosystem, helping companies leverage the power of social to connect with customers, partners and employees in entirely new ways. Uncovering key insights from millions of conversations that take place every day in social media can transform a company’s future. Real-time, multilingual sentiment analysis from Bitext gives companies the opportunity to understand their customers better and faster than ever before.

Comments on the News

  • “In order to uncover valuable actionable insight available through social media, it is critical that companies can engage with what is being said across all of their key markets. Our multilingual sentiment analysis solution, integrated into the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, will ensure companies know exactly what their customers are talking about and how they feel no matter where they are located. As a first step, Bitext is focused on unlocking two major markets; the Americas and Europe (Spanish and Portuguese) for the Marketing Cloud customer base,” said Antonio Valderrábanos, CEO of Bitext.
  • “Today’s leading brands recognize that social media is transforming the way they connect with customers on a global scale,” said Michael Lazerow, CMO of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, “By leveraging the power of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, partners such as Bitext are empowering companies to take advantage of this shift and turn insights from millions of conversations about their products, brand and industry into actions that strengthen customer relationships.”

The Power of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Social Insights Ecosystem
Current industry solutions for sentiment analysis that are based on keyword spotting or bag-of-words models fail to handle most of the subtleties of human language. This is especially true of complex languages like Spanish or Portuguese, and even more so when the Latin American varieties of these languages are considered. Bitext Sentiment is built from the ground up using processing techniques designed to handle the full complexity of natural language. By representing the intricacies of morphological variation and syntactic analysis in a powerful rule-based system, Bitext Sentiment can capture the nuances of meaning that make multilingual sentiment analysis such a challenging task.

Bitext Sentiment extends the power of the Marketing Cloud to provide companies with real-time insight into customer reactions on social media campaigns, enabling companies to then act swiftly and engage with their customers in the most effective manner.

Product Key Features

  • Sentiment analysis leverages sophisticated rule-based language analysis to solve challenges such as:
    • Negation of positive terms.
    • Positive or negative words that do not relate to the brand in question.
    • Sentiment words that change their meaning when combined with other words.
  • Entities (brands, companies, people, etc.) that have the strongest positive and negative sentiments are extracted into separate insights, making it easy to compare brands, people or products and see where the majority of positive or negative comments are directed.
  • Entity extraction collects a single insight of all the entity’s brands, companies and people that have been referred to positively or negatively, making it easy to see which are the most important subjects in a set of online conversations.
  • Bitext Sentiment will initially be available in Spanish and Portuguese. All varieties of Spanish (Latin America and European) and Portuguese (Brazilian and European) are supported, unlocking a market of over 600 million people.
  • The dictionaries and grammars that power Bitext Sentiment are built specifically for each language and language variety. Sentiment analysis is customized for each language, not built with a one-size-fits-all technique.

Uncover Actionable Intelligence with New Social Insights
The Insights ecosystem brings together 20 of the industry’s leading social analytics leaders to help companies accelerate their shift from passive social listening to real business results, turning insights into action. The industry’s most comprehensive solution for managing social media engagement, Insights allows customers to filter through the noise and quickly analyze large volumes of social data to generate actionable social intelligence and connect with customers in entirely new ways.

Availability and Pricing
Bitext Sentiment is now available as an add-on within the Marketing Cloud Insights dashboard. Using a new credits-based currency system, customers now have an easy and flexible way to pilot, purchase and combine social analytics offerings from more than 20 Insights partners. 

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Basic Edition includes 1,000 Insights credits/month
  • Customers can purchase additional blocks of 10,000 credits for $100/month
  • Credits can be deployed to implement Bitext Sentiment within the Marketing Cloud

About Salesforce Marketing Cloud
The Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the most comprehensive suite for social marketing.
Marketing Cloud is first suite to unify social listening, content, engagement, advertising, workflow, automation and measurement. By combining industry leaders Buddy Media and Radian6 to power the Marketing Cloud, brands now have a proven suite to manage all social marketing activity and access common assets in one place.

About Bitext
Bitext is a leading provider of OEM text analytics technology for major European languages. Bitext develops semantic services for software vendors that want to include semantic capabilities in their products, with a focus on two markets: social media and big data analysis (social CRM, Voice of the Customer), and search (Natural Language Search). These services are available through two different channels: Bitext Consulting and the Bitext API, which provides a web service to open up the Bitext semantic technology to third-party developers.

For more details about Bitext Sentiment in Salesforce Marketing Cloud Insights, please contact us.


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