Bitext partners with Amazon Connect (for English for now)

Today, we're proud to announce that we have partnered with Amazon to bring the power of our Multilingual NLU engines (powered with our Synthetic Training Data) to Amazon Connect. As a first step, we’ve set up two new services -Instant LexBot and LexBot Booster- available on the AWS Marketplace, with our Custom LexBot projects service also available on demand.

In a previous post we talked about Amazon Connect and how its integration with the conversational engine Amazon Lex can help increase Contact Center deflection rates by automating many customer support interactions.

Building effective conversational chatbots and IVRs requires large amounts of training data. Without enough training data, they often don't understand the customer's intent, which leads to bad customer experiences. Producing this data manually is an expensive, time-consuming and error-prone process which does not scale. Once trained, maintaining and tuning the data is a continuous nightmare.

Bitext offers an easy solution to bootstrap new bots or boost existing ones in minutes, replacing manual training that would usually take months. We offer three services to cover the entire lifecycle for Amazon Lex bots integrated with Amazon Connect:


Pre-provisioned Lex bots for Amazon Connect that are ready to use in minutes, providing a high level of accuracy out-of-the-box and replacing the need for weeks or months of manual bot development.  


Handle unrecognized customer queries by connecting your current bot to our fallback service (powered by 5M training utterances), effectively providing your bot with hundreds of thousands of additional training utterances. LexBot Booster will help increase the NLU accuracy of any Lex bot - detecting the correct customer intent, so your bot can provide the right answer.


Our personalized consulting service, suitable for any size and kind of project, gives any organization the ability to bootstrap custom Lex bots in English and Spanish, with 90% of accuracy guaranteed by SLA.


With these solutions, any organization can quickly implement a full-fledged conversational IVR in their Amazon Connect contact center, increasing deflection of interactions for voice and chat and reducing time to value.

To read more about these solutions, visit our Amazon Connect partner page  to subscribe and get started.



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