Bitext Partners with Tuitele to Provide Sentiment Analysis for Spanish Social Media Audience

Press release from Tuitele and Bitext:

Bitext provides Tuitele with sentiment analysis technology for measuring television audience in social media

Madrid, Spain, Jan. 8, 2013 –Tuitele, the company measuring TV social audience in Spain, has launched Tuitele_Analytics, a tool for performing daily metrics and analysing the comments from viewers about television programmes. Tuitele_Analytics provides a daily qualitative analysis of the most important programmes and the most commented content, including the analysis of the comments and the social media impact generated by each programme.

Thanks to this agreement, Tuitele_Analytics also offers clients the sentiment analysis –positive or negative– of the viewers’ comments. The semantic analysis from Bitext specifies whether comments are either positive or negative, the intensity level, the related topics (characters, plot, schedule...), etc.

According to David Sánchez, one of the founders of Tuitele: “For Tuitele it is paramount to guarantee the quality of the measures and analyses. That is why we have partnered with Bitext, a Spanish company specialized in semantic analysis, so that we can offer this service of sentiment analysis. Bitext has the necessary knowledge and experience for providing Tuitele with the best sentiment analysis, especially on sources like Twitter, that are extremely difficult to analyse”.

Antonio Valderrábanos, Bitext CEO, added: “Tuitele has recently become the leader service for measuring online impact of TV programmes, the so called “social audience”. At Bitext we are delighted to collaborate with them in order to go from the quantitative aspects –number of comments generated by a particular programme– to the qualitative aspects –what reactions are generated by the programme, negative or positive ones; about which aspects of the programme: characters or the plot–, in order to better know the audience and its motivations”.


About Tuitele

Tuitele monitors, measures and analyses in real time the social conversations which are generated by TV programmes in Spain. Tuitele extracts and stores comments about TV programmes written by viewers on social media in order to describe and compare social audiences of each programme.  Tuitele, owned by The Data Republic, a company specialized in the analysis of data generated in Internet, has TV networks, producers and media agencies as main customers. Contact:

About Bitext

Bitext is a leading provider of OEM text analytics technology for major European languages. Bitext develops semantic services for software vendors that want to include semantic capabilities in their products, with a focus on two markets: social media and big data analysis (social CRM, Voice of the Customer), and search (Natural Language Search). These services are available through two different channels: Bitext Consulting and the Bitext API, which provides a web service to open up the Bitext semantic technology to third-party developers.

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