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Our NLP API platform is the most comprehensive and accurate (more than 90% accuracy) in the text analysis market. You can find a wide variety of multilingual NLP tools and solutions that will help you create the best customer experience for your business. Watch our new video now and sign up!


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If you are you looking to boost the capabilities of your chatbot, remember we now offer Query Simplification and Artificial Data Generation in 9 languages through our API.  You can choose the bot platform you want to integrate with our API from Dialogflow, Lex, Watson, LUIS , Rasa and In the API you will find the integration guides.

We offer A pay-per-go model: you pay as you use it and nothing more. Your usage of the platform will be calculated in terms of the amount of text records you send to the API for analysis. And you will always have the pricing on hand in your profile tab. Sounds good, right?

We want to keep improving our  API with your usage and feedback, so feel free to reach out. And to make things easier, if you're signing up now, you will enjoy a free trial period with 5000 calls to be done in 30 days. Welcome to our API!


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