Bitext presents... its renewed API platform!

We can't deny it: our API platform, the longest-standing product we have been offering, is our favorite. Up until now it was fairly good and defintely had the job done, but we knew we could achieve even greater results. So these past few months we have been working intensively on renovation at all levels, and now we are truly excited to present to you a new version!


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What's new?

Of course, the Bitext API Platform is still the most comprehensive one in the text analysis market, in services and languages (50+), and the most accurate one (more than 90% accuracy). But you may be more interested in what's changed. New features include:

  • New NLP core services. We realized we had internally been doing so much more than lemmatization and POS tagging, and wanted to offer those technologies in addition to the existing APIs. So we added two new NLP core services: Segmentation and Language Identification (we will talk about them very soon). And there are more yet to come!
  • New bot and assistant services. You can now enjoy our latest technologies designed for AIs: Query Rewriting and Query Rewriting + Negation, in the form of APIs, and all in the same platform. Theoretically, they can be part of a pipeline just like any other NLP task, so why not offer them as APIs? It made a lot of sense to us, and hopefully will convince you upon the first try.
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Discover our available APIs!

  • A whole new documentation for a super easy integration. Apart from all the info needed to call each of our APIs, now you have code examples in Curl, Python, Ruby and Perl in a dedicated dynamic web. You will also find integration guides for major platforms such as Dialogflow, Lex,, Watson and LUIS in the case of the services for bots and assistants. And if you have any problem, you can always contact us.
  • A pay-per-go model. We realized you won't want to pay a monthly fee, asking you for that level of  commitment was a bit much. So now by subscribing to the platform you pay as you use it and nothing more. Your usage of the platform will be calculated in terms of how many text records you send to the API for analysis. And you will always have the pricing at hand at your profile tab. Sounds good, right?

Now, the only way to keep improving is with your usage and your feedback, so feel free to reach out. And to make things easier, if you're signing up now you will enjoy a free trial period with 5000 calls to be done in 30 days :)

This is the NLP API platform you have been looking for. What are you waiting for?


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