Bitext, Proud Sponsor of the Sentiment Analysis Innovation Summit in San Francisco

The 2015 edition of the Sentiment Analysis Innovation Summit took place in San Francisco last week. Once again, Bitext showed their involvement in the sentiment analysis industry by sponsoring the event, attending its exhibition and delivering the presentation "How do you experience your customer’s experience? A focus on sentiment topic."

Antonio Valderrábanos, CEO & Founder of Bitext, demonstrated the audience how Bitext's sentiment analysis with built-in topic detection and categorization helps companies streamline their Customer Experience Management (CEM) activities. This is the second year for Bitext as sponsors of the Sentiment Analysis Innovation Summit.

The abstract of the presentation was:

The amount of unstructured information flowing through web and social channels is way too vast for most organizations to handle. But it is exactly those opinions that companies need in order to effectively shape products, refresh brands and improve services.

Bitext linguistic technology accurately combines topic detection, categorization and sentiment analysis to quickly turn massive text data into insight about what customers think and say. Learn how to use the Bitext services to uncover trending customer opinions by detecting the topic of a sentence, determining its associated sentiment and categorizing it in a way that is meaningful for your organization.

This video summarizes Bitext's capabilities regarding categorized sentiment and the technology's ease of integration with data visualization tools:

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