Bitext in Seth Grimes' Trends Report: "Text Analytics in 2013"

Seth Grimes, respected analyst of the Text Analytics industry, has just released the latest in his series of Trend Reports on AllAnalytics: Text Analytics in 2013.

In this wide-ranging piece he discusses several  trends on the vendor side of the industry in 2012. One notable trend is the continuing impact of big data and social media on text analytics, both of which have required vendors to make large improvements in high-performance and real-time natural language processing. 2012 has also seen the industry wake up to the limitations of using techniques like machine translation as a substitute for genuine multilingual processing.

In the report, Bitext is featured as one of the 6 "thought leaders from text analytics providers" that can explain "what we should look for in 2013". Grimes quoted Bitext's CEO Antonio Valderrábanos stating that the market has started to recognize the limitations of polarity-based sentiment analysis: "Emotion analysis becomes more prevalent; the backlash against sentiment slows down as better quality solutions become more mainstream; and niche applications of text analytics -- e.g. "buying intent detection" -- become more standardized."

In fact, Bitext has 5 years experience in developing fully multilingual solutions for text analytics. With native support for 10 languages, Bitext is in the perfect position to take advantage of this trend through the multilingual Bitext API.



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