Bitext speaks at the LT-Innovate 2013 Summit

As one of the leading language technology (LT) companies in Europe, Bitext was strongly in evidence at this year’s LT-Innovate Summit. The event, which takes place across two days in Brussels, continues to grow in size and influence, with attendance doubling since the previous year.

The focus of the first day was the LT CEO Summit, Towards Mature Language Technology Markets, an in-depth examination of the issues challenging the LT Industry today. The wide-ranging debate featured representatives from text analytics companies and major industries such as Daimler, Bayer Material Science and Segittur. Following on from last year’s victory in the LT Innovate Award, Bitext give key insights into scaling a European text analytics company to a global scale.

On the second day, Bitext spoke about the European Language Cloud, giving the perspective of the main European provider of multilingual sentiment analysis to the global market. The European Language Cloud is an EU project as part of Horizon 2020 to provide a language technology infrastructure that will stimulate the growth of the single digital market in Europe. With our strong position providing text analytics technology both in Europe and the USA, Bitext is in the perfect place to both contribute to and exploit this exciting initiative.


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