Bitext: The Future of NLP according to Gartner

Powered by a linguistic approach, the future of natural language processing will enable human-like understanding through a wide range of applications. Thanks to Bitext NLP technologies, that far future is closer than expected. Bitext solutions are fully oriented to the current needs of many forward-looking companies relying on cutting-edge techniques ranging from sentiment analysis tools to a generation of artificial training data. After years of hard work in the field of the automation of customer support, Bitext developed the most advanced API ever seen and several conversational agents for innovative enterprises as, for instance, TechCrunch.

It is once again such a great honor to be considered a representative vendor for NLP technologies by Gartner, the world’s leading advisory company. In its report “Revolutionize Product Information Management by Means of Disruptive Artificial Intelligence”, Bitext is seen as one of the best tech solution providers for conversational commerce via virtual assistants or messaging platforms. This report, signed by Michael Moran and Simon Walker, predicts the impact that a well-performed data management will have on customer experience and product management reducing costs and enhancing sales. Those big data sets are so complex that traditional data-processing software are not suitable enough to deal with the challenges they pose. As Gartner states, this product information management can be, nowadays, powered by AI to get more profitable results.

Many e-commerce platforms are currently using conversational agents for customer support. As exposed in Bitext blog post “NLP Pipeline: A Necessary Mediator Between Bot and Customers”, a virtual assistant able to hold a natural conversation is worth its weight in gold due to its capacity to get along with customers as a flesh-and-blood agent would do. Gartner supports that idea by saying that all product information (these assistants have access to) must change from keyword to natural-language search support. Considering this fact, Bitext techniques clear many obstacles out of the way for a complete natural-language understanding, so it can make it easier for the AI to correctly communicate with users. What’s more, Gartner truly believes in these brand-new solutions remarking that “natural-language processing (NLP) in support of conversational commerce via natural-language interfaces combines multiple product information processing techniques functions including automatic key phrase extraction, part-of-speech (POS) tagging for word-category disambiguation, content classification stemming and lemmatization and entity sentiment analysis”.

Gartner highlights Bitext services not only in that report, but also in its publication “Clarify Strategy and Tactics for Artificial Intelligence by Separating Training and Machine Learning” by alluding, one more time, to NLP chatbot systems. In this context, they say that companies should stop mixing training and learning activities since this is slowing down conversational agents’ learning processes. Here, what Gartner recommends data managers to "explore emerging middleware tools that allow them to use the same training/test data for multiple AI service providers." Moreover, some training processes, as natural-language processing (NLP), will be mostly entrusted to third parties. That’s one of the main reasons why “new tools and business processes are emerging to aid enterprises in managing and enriching their training data with fledgling middleware, connecting internal training assets to third-party machine-learning solutions”. Bitext stands out here as a vendor playing the role of a pipeline in this middleware space to connect training to learning thanks to its tech tools focusing on enhancing AI linguistic skills towards a better understanding.

There is no coincidence, therefore, that Bitext was explicitly mentioned several times by this prestigious consulting company when it comes to NLP, as they did in “Cool Vendors in AI Core Technologies”.

Summing up, NLP solutions are fundamental for bots to understand users correctly and provide customers with 5-star service. This recommended option will reduce companies’ workload if they want to customize their virtual agents on a broad scale in the future. These state-of-the-art technologies offered by Bitext are up-and-coming but many enterprises are still unaware of it.

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