Bitext: the Operating System for Machine Intelligence

Scientific language knowledge is a complement, or an alternative, to statistically-only motivated language analysis, that is why Bitext comes up as the right framework to use for Machine Intelligence.

We have been talking for a while about training Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Lack of high-quality data for this training process is a typical problem and as it’s mentioned in Stephen E. Arnold latest post “Without good data, the algorithm isn’t going to make good decisions.”

One of the issues in the available training materials is that there are biases present. For example, when it comes to determining the gender of a word, we automatically think about 'Doctor' as masculine and 'nurse' as feminine due to traditions and pre-established associations in our minds.

Linguistics, as the scientific field that studies the language and the grammar, comes up as a solution to correct the human bias since it does not take into consideration traditions or preconceived ideas. It analyzes language from a scientific perspective.

Thanks to Bitext tool to generate artificial training data, there would be data enough to train your engine making it more intelligent.

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