Bitext with the Finalists of the City of Boston’s Data Hackathon

Bitext technology used by one of the finalists of the City of Boston data hackathonHubHacks 2 is a data visualization challenge managed by the City of Boston. Participants created data visualizations that provided unique uses of more than one data set - public or provided by the city of Boston.

One of the finalists, Boston Visual Strong, a team formed by Krishna Valluru, Ralph Lindenfeld, and Mahitha Valluru, used Bitext's text analytics API for the sentiment analysis and entity extraction tasks within their submission.

The Boston Visual Strong project analyzes and visualizes social media posts related to the city of Boston, combining this with other data sets such as 911 calls, service requests, transportation / mbta reports, and other data collected by the city. The Bitext API helped the project members bring to the surface the meaningful information buried within the raw data, highlighting the most common topics and the citizens' feelings about each concept.

Data visualization was performed via a Tableau public dashboard, another demonstration of the streamlined integration between the output of our technology and state-of-the-art data visualization solutions.

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