Black Friday Analysis: Take Advantage of Customer Reviews

This is not another post about what to buy on Black Friday or which are the best deals.We already know how important this day is for retailers because the amount of money spent keeps growing every year, due particularly to the online shopping.

But besides from money there is something businesses can get from Black Friday: Insights. As the number of online transactions grow so does customer feedback, and this together with the right tool means more useful information to transform in insights to enhance your business performance.

When we want to buy something we always go online to read some of the reviews written by other customers, and that influences a lot our decision. Taking into consideration this fact, companies may want to collect all this information, analyze it and discover areas for improvement.

Reading 10 reviews is a simple task, however most of the items sold in amazon have over 400 reviews, and going deeply through all of them its quite time consuming.






By using our CX tool you can decrease the amount of time used in this analysis task by 5. How is it possible?

Downloading all the comments it is the only task you should do manually, but most of the times is just copy pasting them into an excel sheet. Once you have all the comments in the same document, we can speed up the process.

Let's take for example the reviews from Amazon's Kindle Voyage :


excel datos kindle.png

All you must do is upload the sheet to your Bitext account by creating a new project, selecting the language of our data and then run the analysis.

Once the analysis is done we can go to our dashboard and see what data says.

For example just by seeing this graph we can realize what customers think about this Voyage version on the Kindle:

-They love it

-They like it

-They think it's better than others

-They think it's terrible

-They have found issues

Obviously is easier to look at this graph instead of reading 40 comments.


But, what things do they consider? What is important to them? What they don't like? Graphs can easily tell us this information without reading and classifying comments:

-Customers talk about issues

-Customers talk about books

-Customers talk about button

-Customers talk about money

-Customers talk about problems


And if we want to see what do they say exactly about problems, we just click on the problem's square and the specific comments will show up:


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