I want my conversational bot to become my friend

When the movie “Her” was released, the plot seemed totally unrealistic but since then and due to the evolution in the field of AI, Chatbots and Virtual Assistants, a human-like AI is not such a far-fetched idea anymore. We can actually imagine it happening in a few years.

These days, we can perfectly picture the moment when we will arrive home and tell our home VA: “I feel like talking” and just start chatting with our assistant about any topic for entertainment or to not feel lonely.

In fact, one of the most popular bots in the market started just like this. Luka’s creator lost her best friend and to make the pain bearable decided to use all the data from their conversations to create a chatbot able to speak about a wide variety of topics.

But, is it really possible to go one step beyond? And the most important question, how can this be done? Which technology will we need?

As of now, most bots and VA don’t understand users well, so that should be the starting point.

There are many different ways to ask for something:

  • May I have a coffee?
  • Can I have a coffee?
  • I would like to have some coffee
  • Coffee please

The problem is that for any bot to understand all these variations of the same request, developers need to tag thousands of them manually. This takes a lot of time and resources so many companies decide to speed up this step by cutting short on the data side and going live. What they don’t realize, is that this affects user experience. If the bot only understands a request if it is formulated in a certain way, the user has to adapt to the bot and she cannot speak naturally.

Bitext has developed an innovative system that allows a reduction of 70% in the time dedicated to this stage of the chatbot development. With our one sentence training all variants customers can use to ask for a coffee will be normalized to a standard form.


This automatic process helps bots become more conversational. As the amount of requests the chatbot understands increase, the conversational abilities of the bot increase as well.

Test Geoffrey, our home automation bot, and see the technology in action.

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