Case Study: Customer insights in minutes

Time flies for everyone — particularly while working. We always have the sensation of having much to do and not enough time to do it all. That is why it’s necessary to include in our daily routine tools that allow us to save time. Preparing large amounts of datasets and analyzing them to extract insights is one of those time consuming tasks.

In this post we will show you how a big Telco was able to save a 75% of the time it took to run this process and achieved better performance by:

  • Defining the problem
  • Proposing an alternative solution
  • Evaluate the advantages
  • Applying the insights to their marketing strategy

Customer centric companies have demonstrated to be up to 60% more profitable than those that are not. And the number of business adopting this approach to enhance their strategies is increasing exponentially every year. That is why you probably are investing a lot of money and time in getting to know your users as good as possible.

However, placing the customer in the middle it’s not an easy task. It is more a continuous process that keeps you on edge, listening to social media, investing in surveys and collecting conversation logs. Once your listening infrastructure is up and running your still need to analyze all that consumer’s feedback. There are tons of value locked in those texts, your customers -current and potential, are pointing on how to enrich the product or service, on how to fix the most annoying pain points or maybe they are just telling you how great your products are. Your product development and marketing departments could improve their strategies by using all that data.

Traditionally feedback was analyzed manually, in the case of some our customers it could take up to 4 hours to review all the comments posted online by the customers and prepare the data for the analysis. This procedure was not only time consuming but also quite expensive in terms of people.

  • 60% more profits for Customer Centric Companies
  • Unlock value from text
  • Move away from manual processes
  • Save time and improve your KPIs

By using Bitext CX platform it is possible to achieve better results in 1 hour without data preparation.

Insights with out of the box 70% accuracy can be obtained due to a technology capable of understanding sentence structure and layers of meaning. All for deeper text analysis and richer results.

If we compare both performances, an outstanding reduction of costs and resources can be observed.

Another important advantage that Bitext tool provides is objectivity. While doing this process manually, analyst can easily adopt a biased approach mixing their hypothesis with the data but software is 100% impartial. Data written in different languages won’t be a problem either, since our platform is multilingual and works in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, German, Italian and Catalan.

One more advantage is the possibility of detecting patterns. Imagine twitters trending topics but pulled out directly from your texts.

Results can be delivered in minutes and are consistent enough to extract accurate insights for marketers and product devs to validate their KPIs and to shape up their customer engagement tactics.

Market research firms Kantar, GfK,Snappy Market Research, Edentify and others are already using our API and CX services. Download our paper to get to see all the details:

Download a real example

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