Chat-Based Search for Financial News in Natural Language

Thousands of financial news headlines appear every day on your phone screen. Do you have time to read them all? We dare to say you probably don´t. What if you could ask your news provider to inform you on your interests? Now that’s possible thanks to our AI technology for chat-based financial news based on NLP.

Whether you work as a technical expert in banking or in a company providing financial news, it is important to account for the difficulties of extracting specific information to match your needs from the vast amounts of financial information and data that are published daily. At Bitext, we found a solution to this problem by including a layer based on the latest natural language processing techniques.

For a leading financial news provider, Bitext developed a chat-based search interface for its wealth management news product. By adding a conversational layer on top of the existing sophisticated API-based search capabilities, the system allows users, via either text or voice-based interfaces, to request news on specific topics such as “give me the latest news on Air France but not the PDG”. The dialogue interface allows users to then refine their queries through additional requests such as “and about union disputes”, or “only news from today”. By supporting complex linguistic phenomena such as coordination and negation, the system allows users to quickly pinpoint interest news that may impact their investment portfolios.


Our unique selling proposition offers speed, accuracy, and multilingualism. You’ll get your search engine up and running in no time – what’s better than reaching up to 90% accuracy in more than 75 languages? There is no other NLP solution like this in the market right now. In case you don’t believe us, you can quickly test our news chatbot.



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