Chatbot Conference: the Event for Bot Developers You Can’t Miss

Still didn’t hear about this event?  On this 19th of September, all chatbot techies will be reunited in one of the most auspicious events for chatbots developers. Can’t attend? Don’t worry, Bitext will keep you up to date!

The 2nd annual Chatbot Conference 2018, hosted by Chatbots Life, is targeted to those software developers that don’t want to miss any brand-new technological innovation about AI. This event will be attended by well-known experts in the matter as, for instance, the CEO of Rasa, Alexander Weidauer, and leading companies in technologies such as Google, IBM Watson or Dashbot, among others.  In addition, more than 30 speakers will come to the fore to make known many state-of-the-art tendencies about enterprises and bots, AI and NLP, Voice and Virtual Assistants and much more. 


In this post, we would like to tell you about three of the most interesting topics to be discussed at the conference:

  • Chatbots as Vertical Solutions. As everybody knows, chatbots recently turned out to be a cornerstone for many online businesses. There are a great number of advantages these virtual assistants can bring to any company. Chatbots help enterprises save on time and money improving, at the same time, their customer experience. They are being broadly used, especially, in the E-Commerce industry when it comes to customer support or even marketing strategies. At Bitext, there are plenty of services that are particularly designed to overcome the main challenges posed by these conversational agents as, for instance, lack of multiple-language solutions or their poor understanding skills.
  • Bot Frameworks and Modules. One of the main issues, enterprises must face when building a bot, is choosing a framework to start working on it. In today’s marketplace, there is a wide range of diverse bot building platforms as Amazon Lex or Dialogflow, for instance. The big challenge for companies comes when trying to find a suitable combination and module to achieve the expected results. It is essential, therefore, to bet on platform-independence alternatives.
  • Artificial Intelligence and NLP. Here we have the ‘black box’ of the whole thing: Natural Language Processing. As a crucial ingredient for a proper functioning of Artificial Intelligence, NLP is the skeleton key for a human-like conversational bot. All about it is, however, a mystery even for real geeks. No need to worry, though, Alex Weidauer, Rasa’s CEO, will explain at the conference how it works. You will see how the ability of a system to process natural language can be complemented by NLP specific tools which boost its improvement, as Bitext technologies did with the accuracy of Rasa that was enhanced up to a 90% accuracy as shown in this benchmark.

 The Chatbot Conference seems to be a great opportunity to connect with the main referrals in the chatbot market; especially, if you are interested in more technical approaches to the field. The fast-growing AI development makes it almost mandatory to take advantage of all first-hand learning from those who are changing technology. That’s all we can tell about for now. As soon as our team visiting the event comes out with further information, you will be the first to know. Just stay tuned and we will keep you posted!

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