Custom Bots: Make Your Bot One Of A Kind

Your customers are unique and so should be the service they receive. Usually, companies believe this must be done by a trained team of customer service representatives. The truth is that customers do not like waiting and most of them do not even like talking on the phone anymore. Why go through all this trouble when you can have one assistant that does all of this for you while helping multiple customers at the same time? Those same questions can be answered by our custom bots quickly and accurately!


Queries from customers may be a simple “When will my order be here?”, “My card is not working, and I need help”, or “I need technical support”. These utterances are easy to understand for any chatbot.  But... what happens when your customer has a specific question about sales on Black Friday, if your business will be open during a special holiday or if they need help looking for a specific item on your online store? These is where our custom bots come to play. These types of questions need more thought and need to be tailored to specific information from your business. Because of this, we train our bots to learn, understand and process those intents with Natural Language Processing (basically, the same way humans understand language).

Still not convinced?  Here are more reasons that makes our custom bots different from the rest: 

  • 100% custom-made 
  • Chatbot platform independence: Lex, Luis, Dialogflow… 
  • Multilingual, 14 languages available. 
  • Set up, scalable & adjustable 100% guaranteed 
  • QA & improvement service included: global LiveCycle of the Bot 
  • 90% accuracy guaranteed 
  • Bootstrapping: Reduce time to market 
  • Reduce customer service costs from day 1 
  • Training data without privacy problems or manual errors 
  • Create a custom bot from scratch or improve your current bot 

Like our brains, our bots are prepared to understand and process the meaning behind a whole sentence, and can deal with grammatical or spelling mistakes, regionalisms and colloquialisms. We also provide help with the analysis of data, improving the bot’s performance and even detecting seasonal trends amongst customers. Having our bots as an option for customer service will also represent an increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Times are changing and so should your business. Believe me when I tell you... Our bots get the job done!

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