Customer Support Chatbots: benefits of automation

It’s 10 p.m. on Saturday. I am having trouble renewing my car insurance online and I need customer support right now. Is anybody there? Are you losing me as a customer? 

The widespread use of messaging apps and advancements in Artificial Intelligence are driving this trend. The service sector can, from now on, count on the help of chatbots due to their wide range of opportunities for all size companies. These companies clearly see how work is reduced and customer experience improves. Did you know that 64% of consumers prefer texting rather than calling to receive support? 

The Automation of Customer Support sounds good, but what additional advantages may it bring to your business?



  1. Round-the-clock service. A chatbot never sleeps: customers will be assisted any day at any time, rather than getting annoyed about being confronted with a busy line at peak hours or with no service at all during the weekend. Do people with a tight schedule have no time for booking a flight at your opening hours? No worries! There will be always a contact person there for them, all day long, thanks to a 24/7 virtual assistant.
  1. Cost reduction. This automated solution leads to a considerable drop of your business expenses. Companies cut down significantly on employment costs by integrating on their websites conversational chatbots at rock-bottom prices. Saving work means saving money: a bot can be also programmed to react in real-time offering support through FAQs. As a result, commercial agents may invest their time in direct sales instead of spending it on replying frequently asked questions made by users.
  1. Time-saving training. Training has always been the most resource-intensive part of bot creation process, becoming even a drawback for customer support channels. This task is usually done manually by generating loads of sentences helping bots learn how to answer. However, training your bot can be done now easily with artificial training data. It consists on automatically generating all sentence variations the bot need to answer back. This approach gets your bot running in a very short time with outstanding accuracy results.
  1. Individual personalization. Chatbots can not only be trained at full speed, but also provide customers with customized content. As a result, any complex query would be a piece of cake for them giving, at the same time, suitable information. Personalized chatbots facilitate human-machine interactions with the help of a new technology which relies on NLP (Natural Language Processing). Each word must be analyzed together with the others so that the bot really understands what users actually need. You can check how this tech works with TechCrunch bot that always gives you you are looking for.
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  1. High fidelity. These virtual assistants are accurate and reliable with the answers they provide, creating customer loyalty and keeping your customers coming back. As a result, user satisfaction will improve and exit rates will drop. For this to happen, a trustworthy chatbot must build a relationship with customers based on an understanding of their needs rather than providing a generalized set of responses. These virtual agents speak directly to humans and keep on learning what each individual user needs in order to ensure a quality customer experience.


To see all these benefits in your customer support channel, your chatbot must correctly react to any query, creating a back-and-forth dialogue with the user. In other words, it has to be truly conversational. When we talk about Customer Support Chatbots, we think of a tripartite structure: Interface, Intelligence and Integration. In this context, Bitext technology, based on linguistic knowledge, considers 'Intelligence' to be the key point for a successful bot.

Do not get stuck in the past and give a boost to your actual sales! How? Take a look at Bitext web to know all we can do for your customer support chatbot.


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