Bitext Meets with Large Corporates in Hamburg

On 24 and 25 April 2019, at the old Customs House in Hamburg, Bitext was one of 54 companies backed by the European Innovation Council (EIC) pilot that had the opportunity to pitch and present their business cases and to engage in one-on-one business meetings with representatives from some of the leading Corporates in Europe. The multi-corporate event was promoted by the EIC pilot together with comdirect.

The EIC Corporate Days promote business opportunities between big corporates - which are always looking for innovative solutions to improve their products and services – and the SMEs funded by the EIC pilot.

In Hamburg, Bitext shared its solutions for NLP middleware to top representatives from comdirect, Commerzbank, DAK-Gesundheit, Commerz Real, Lufthansa Technik, Main Incubator and Salesforce.

Javier Gonzalez VP Sales Bitext at the EIC Pilot in Hamburg

Javier Gonzalez, VP of Global Sales Bitext at the EIC Pilot in Hamburg.

Javier Gonzalez, VP of Global Sales Bitext, said: "Attending the EIC Pilot in Hamburg was a great opportunity for Bitext to demonstrate how AI can revolutionize the healthcare and finance industries”.

Sabine Schoon, Head of Corporate Strategy and Consulting at comdirect, highlighted the quality of the companies attending: “I saw very different companies. On one side, I saw several companies I can imagine we can cooperate with in the future. On the other hand, I also saw a couple of companies where we can possibly follow up with an investment. But we will need to get more detailed discussions and get more information.”

Jana Koch, Head of Business Development & Innovation Management at comdirect, also shared her feedback on the event: “The SMEs I found here were very open minded. They’re trying to find solutions that cross industries and that’s really amazing to see. The atmosphere was fantastic.”

This Corporate Day was promoted by the EIC pilot Business Acceleration Services.


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