Some figures on chatbots and eCommerce

When we talk about the usefulness of chatbots, we sometimes look at it as a black or white matter. Yet, the issue is not whether chatbots are useful or not, it’s rather how useful they are, and whether it is worth keeping them.

We bring you today some figures about one of the chatbots we run. The customer is one of the leading companies in the retail field. The chatbot has been running for some months now, and we have recorded a significant increase of visits during the holiday seasons, or other specific dates such as on Black Friday. In particular, those days received 6 times more visits and queries compared to a “normal” day. This is a serious issue if you are running your customer support just with human agents.

In this circumstance, more than 20% of the conversations was completely fulfilled by the chatbot, and this amounted to around 30,000 queries a day. What does this all mean in terms of return on investment? If we assume that a human agent needs 1 minute to answer a query, we are speaking about approx. $10,000 in savings per day; this is more than 3 million USD per year. Furthermore, the cost of a good chatbot, accurate training data and a useful Quality Assurance (QA) service is much more limited than that, we can assure you.



So, are chatbots useful? You tell us. If you want that amount of money employed in having your competent agents answer boring and repetitive questions, you don’t need us. Yet, if you want to invest it in assigning to your agents much more useful and interesting tasks, then try a chatbot! We look forward to hearing from you!

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