Bitext’s Customer Support Dataset for free

We have shown in previous posts why Synthetic Training Data is the best way to boost the accuracy of any chatbot, and the solution to the most important problems of chatbots nowadays: data scarcity, namely, the lack of accurate and useful training data for the problems chatbots want to address.

Since we want to put our data where our mouth is, we’re offering a Customer Support Dataset —created with Bitext’s Synthetic Data technology— completely for free! It contains over 20,000 utterances from 27 common intents —password recovery, delivery options, track refund, registration issues, etc.—, grouped in 10 major categories. The format is very straightforward, with text files with fields separated by commas). It includes language register variations such as politeness, colloquial style, swearing, indirect style, etc.

You can download it, import it to your favorite platform, and start discovering how Synthetic Training Data can help you get your bot up and running in a matter of minutes!

Welcome to the AI democratization!





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