From the eCommerce problem to the chatbot solution: Part I

Let’s repeat: more and more people (customers, or prospective customers) prefer eCommerce these days. They have learnt the comfort of buying from their home, without having to take their car or the public transport to personally go and buy at each store. As always, each option has its advantages and disadvantages, but eCommerce has become a common trend now.

The problem, as we know well, is that the comfort of buying from home also involves the possibility of buying at any time, 24/7. Plus, if your store or business is successful —as we hope it is!—, that will also imply that hundreds or thousands of people will buy at the same moment. Don’t forget that these customers will need someone to look after them, to solve their doubts and to help them in their purchasing process. This may mean a great deal of people on your website, but not always with the same intensity —e.g. Black Friday or Christmas will be dates of special workload, but maybe one day at noon in August perhaps you won’t get so much traffic—.

Additionally, if your business is —or you want it to be— international, you will have to be able to help your customers in many different languages. In this case, will you hire hundreds of people for customer care, requesting that they are multilingual and available any time of the day to solve continuously easy and repeated questions from customers? Is that the best way you can use your money and your employees’ skills?

ecommerce support bitext

Of course not: nowadays, automation is the key to keep your customers happy —and busy buying! A chatbot —or bot, virtual assistant, whatever you’d like to call it— is a software automation tool for customer support that will take care of your customers, or at least of the largest part of your customers’ queries, allowing you and your team to focus on the most difficult and interesting questions.

In a couple of days we’ll talk about how to face this the right way. Stay tuned!






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