How AI can help retailers to WOW their customers during Christmas?

The increase of online shopping is not something new, from 5 years until now it has been growing exponentially and it is expected to keep doing it, after all around 41% of total population with internet access has made at least one purchase online. According to Statista from 2012 till 2018, e-commerce sales are expecting to increase 123% achieving a total value of 2,356$ billions. Considering this value, who doesn’t want to be a part of it?

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Having a website, offering your products online with attractive deals is not enough, customers are looking for something else, unique shopping experience able to WOW them and to increase their loyalty to the brand, something very valuable in highly competitive markets like retailing.

Artificial Intelligence seems to be everywhere lately, and the truth is that due to its versatility in can be used in self driven cars, healthcare, finances or retailing.

How can AI help retailers to WOW their customers?

During Christmas, the anxiety to get the perfect product grows exponentially, in some stores it’s sold out, there are many models of the same product and you don’t know which one you should get, all the products you see are out of your budget, you need to compare different shipping options etc.

Bots, can be the perfect solution to help customers avoiding this anxiety produced by the rush and to start gaining customer’s loyalty. If you can solve their pain points, why would they look for other retailers?

Bots are the new websites, and this can be the key to WOW customers.

Marketplaces sites are becoming more and more popular, and products each time have more specifications and customer’s reviews this increase the time to spend searching, but time is not something unilimited, so we cannot waste it in this process.

Chat bots can enhance shopping experience:

Instead of searching inside the site, you can just directly talk with a robot and expose the item you are looking for, or provide the specifications for a type of product, for example: “beauty product, for less than 20$” and it will return you an answer for your demand.

As many bots are used in messaging apps not only in websites, shopping can be done from mobile and not only from desktop, it is more convenient to shop by chatting using your smartphone rather than being at home looking to the screen.

As easy as it can seem, it can be also challenging to make the bot work properly, make him understand exactly what customers have said. To do so, the most important thing is the way in what the bot has learnt.

There are two different approaches to train bots: one is by experience, by letting it to talk with humans and practicing with them, and the other one is to train it in advance, before it starts to talk with clients.

In our opinion, this second approach is better, why? Because if you let the bot talk to humans before being taught it can collapse after three or four interactions making customers leave the shopping funnel and they may not return.

But... is it hard to train the bot? to provide it with the proper material to fullfil your customer's needs? We invite you to discover it in this video we recorded from our webinar!

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