IE (Instituto de Empresa) chooses Bitext as case study for its Executive MBA

Press release between IE (Instituto de Empresa) and Bitext:

IE (Instituto de Empresa) chooses Bitext as case study for its Executive MBA

Madrid (February 12th, 2013) - The IE (Instituto de Empresa), Business School whose MBA program ranks third in the world ranking of Business Schools published by the FINANCIAL TIMES, decided to choose as a final test the study of a real company in order to provide students with a first-hand experience of analysis and consulting. The challenge was to find an organization that was notable for its entrepreneurial spirit, its presence in high-profile markets and its international success. The selected company was BITEXT, a Spanish leader in Computational Linguistics that is at the forefront of the semantic analysis of social media.

Antonio Valderrábanos, Founder and CEO of BITEXT, noted: "It has been very interesting to watch the careful and creative work of the students; they have suggested many ideas which can help us decide our next steps in the market and will allow us to reflect on some of the critical aspects of our organization".

Francisco Navarro, Vice-Dean of IE, added: "We are always trying to innovate and make progress in our mission to help our students advance their professional careers. Analysing a real company, with all of its successes and challenges, seemed to us to be an extremely interesting opportunity. Choosing the right company was a key factor in the success of the project. On the one hand it was vital to have good access to the CEO, to be able get hold of the right information and to be sure that we were providing ideas about topics of strategic interest to the company. On the other hand it was very important that the chosen company was a leader in its field and was an attractive subject for our students to cover. Choosing BITEXT has been a great success and the collaboration with the management and technical personnel has been admirable".


About Bitext
Bitext is a provider of multilingual Text Analytics technology for major European languages. We develop natural language processing services for software vendors so they can easily integrate semantic capabilities (Sentiment Analysis, Concept and Entity Extraction...) in their products. Our focus is on two markets: Social Media and Big Data analytics (Social CRM, Voice of the Customer), and search (Natural Language Search). These services are available through two different channels: Bitext Consulting and the Bitext API, which provides a web service to open up the Bitext semantic technology to third-party developers.

About IE
IE Business School is recognized among among the best in the world in international rankings drawn up by key publications that include Financial Times, BusinessWeek, Forbes, The Economist, Aspen Institute and América Economía, due to the level of quality of its masters and executive education programs.


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