Instant Bots: The Toolbox Every Business Should Have

Bots have become an essential part of most business' customer service, ensuring their user’s satisfaction. Especially during these trying times, bots have become the stars of the show when it comes to handling impatient and worried customers. Our instant bots are an effective, accurate and quick solution as they come “pre-packaged" with 20 to 40 of the most frequent intents for each vertical.

Saving time and money is always important for your business. One of the great advantages of our instant bots is that they are ready to use after only a few hours of configuration. Our secret weapon is building our bots using NLG (Natural Language Generation) specifically designed to optimize their NLU (Natural Language Understanding). NLG is the backbone of our instant bots, a unique technology that automatically generates examples of customer utterances for each vertical. This provides the bots with the NLU training they need, allowing them to process and understand your customer’s queries the same way humans understand language.

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We have more than 20 verticals including retail, legal services, travel and insurance. Our bots are equipped to handle general and technical questions related to the vertical of your choosing. Language variations like colloquial and formal words as well as offensive language will also be processed and understood by the bot. We even add “noise” to the data, meaning that the bot knows how to recognize and process spelling and grammatical mistakes.

This is as easy and quick as it gets. With just a click you can have the world’s best assistant helping your business 24/7!

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