Keep your Focus on The AI Summit

Artificial Intelligence is nothing new, as a matter of fact, it has been swirling around for decades. There are plenty of AI technologies nowadays, as NLG or predictive analytics, offering new business opportunities that give rise to an innovative way of thinking for any forward-looking enterprise. Don’t be stuck in a rut and see what is cooking up in The AI Summit event this year.

Three years ago, the first AI Summit conference was held to present the practical impact AI could have on any progressive enterprise. From then on, the tech elite gets together every year to catch up with these brand-new solutions that are greatly transforming business productivity. The AI Summit has become the most important event that takes place in San Francisco, whose Bay Area has the largest concentration of high-tech companies in the United States. What’s more, C-level executives and engineers from world’s leading companies such as Microsoft, IBM Watson, Amazon Web Services and Google will inspire business leaders from all around the world to successfully put into practice their AI projects.


The Top 3 Industry Sectors for AI Adoption

A glance at the conference agenda gives you an idea about which are the main industries where the biggest innovation projects are being carried out and AI will have a greater impact on.  Actually, there is a wide range of applications to choose from where the following three business fields stand out:


  • Media and entertainment. Netflix is currently developing a customized system of content recommendations for users based on Artificial Intelligence. Moving in the same direction, Pinterest, the biggest image and inspiration sharing service, is also implementing AI by means of an image recognition new app that helps users identify, buy and create things they see. A target group here would be those who tend to photograph meals at restaurants, this app will show them pins with recipes for those meals. Apart from these two big brands, many other global enterprises as Warner Bros or Forbes are also getting onboard in projects like these.


  • Banking and insurance. In this field, Master Card is focusing on an implementation of AI for security systems. They are working on a technology based on AI and machine learning to predict futures frauds by analyzing data drawn from transaction behaviors or, even, the so-called ‘dark web’ where stolen numbers are available. The US Bank is not being left on the sideline either, since it is forging ahead with an AI conversational agent which promises to be far better than Alexa and Siri, but not reaching the levels of the much-feared Terminators’ artificial intelligence system ‘Skynet’, as the name of its presentation suggests.


  • E-commerce. Here comes eBay making use of AI to increase customer engagement. One of the most significant AI innovations made by eBay will be implemented in its search engine to improve its natural-language processing and understanding skills when it comes to queries made by humans.


Other interesting uses of AI:

  • Professional world. Walmart is using AI to improve their employers’ workplace by adding shelf-scanning robots to the team. Related to the world of employment, LinkedIn has a project in mind for creating job opportunities at scale through AI.
  • Digital transformation. Also known as business transformation enabled by digital tools is making it possible to develop broader projects, like those done by Seven Eleven o Boeing, based on trained machine-learning algorithms able to identify patterns in data.
  • The search for life beyond the Earth. NASA is not missing this opportunity either. Since scientists started to explore Mars, AI has been in the spotlight in order to find rocks and hit a laser on them so that the underlying minerals can be seen. In a near future, AI will be also used to melt the icy crust in the surface of a moon in Jupiter said to have a liquid ocean under ice.


Isn’t it fascinating how far the human being can go with a bit of AI? That’s the main aim of The AI Summit: help experts in the matter to successfully make their AI projects come true for a better not-so-distant future. And Bitext is up for it too! Stay tuned and we will keep you up to date!

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