Konnichiwa FIN/SUM: The Greatest Fintech Event in Japan

Have you ever transferred money to a friend directly from a mobile app? Mobile banking is all the rage right now. Fintech companies such as PayPal or Venmo are delivering financial services through digital technologies reducing costs at the same time. Are you still green in terms of the so-called fintech? No worries! Here comes the FIN/SUM event, held in Japan, to the fore.

The FINTECH Summit 2018 is the largest and most important event for the finance industry to be held in Japan. FIN/SUM is a conference where all global fintech companies will get together to promote and share innovative practices within the sector. From the 25th to the 28th of September this year, the heart of business Tokio, the Marunouchi building, will harbor all collective knowledge, experience, and creativity of a group of senior leaders in the industry. In this regard, we are happy to announce that Bitext has also been called upon as a speaker for this event in recognition of its experience when it comes to Natural Language. Bitext CEO will participate in 4 panels at the event  where several discussions about hot topics in AI will take place.

This influential convention is composed of six different stages. It goes from a symposium where topics such as ‘blockchain’ and ‘IoT’ will take the stage, to digital competitions between startups from all over the world, not to mention all workshops and exhibition areas to be visited, including an international ideathon, and all of this will come out with multiple networking events for all participants such as opening and closing parties, gala receptions and much more.

Top 4 Fintech Hot Topics 2018

Back to what really matters, let’s have a look at some of the latest trends in AI to be discussed at the conference:

  • “The Age of Great AI: Trends of a Revolution”. Here Greg Cross from The Financial Times, Tak Lo from Soul Machines and Bitext CEO, Antonio Valderrábanos, will talk about a digital era which is here to stay. Will human beings be able to adapt to all state-of-the-art technologies that are growing and spreading at the speed of light? Are we living a technological revolution? Let’s give the experts a chance to speak first.


  • “Artificial Intelligence for Financial Industry". This panel has been organized by Jumpei Miwa, the Director of the FinTech and Innovation Office at the Japan Financial Services Agency (JFSA). Last year, this Financial Services Agency collaborated in a multilateral joint research project on financial trading on blockchains hosting a roundtable for central banks from Singapore, Canada and Japan among others. This second topic will be discussed by David Beardmore, Commercial Director of the Open Data Institute; Yutaka Soejima from the Bank of Japan, expert of text analysis for the Bank’s current concerns; the CEO of NEC, a Japanese multinational provider of IT, who is a leader in terms of Predictive Analysis Automation; and Antonio Valderrábanos, founder of Bitext, focused on the development of NLP tools to make AI smarter and more conversational.


  • "Scaling Financial Services with Automation: AI Takeover". The Consultant Manager at Domma, Una Softic, will have the pleasure of moderating a discussion about the ’financial’ role of AI in a near future to be held by four experts in the matter: Wilhelm Pujar, CEO of Stacktical; the founder of SuperCharger, Janos Barberis, who created AI-related courses for companies wanting to implement automation; Husayn Kassai, Co-founder of Onfido, expert in providing ID verification; and, once again, Antonio Valderrábanos and his Customer Support Automation solution for financial institutions.


  • “How Bots Work and Why They Don’t Work”. The CEO of Bitext will hold a presentation about the crucial steps bot developers must follow to properly build a conversational bot. He will explain why the cornerstone lies in NLP techniques. Still don’t know about these solutions? Just check here to see how it works.


Can’t wait to know more? Save the date and be prepared, we will let you know about all cutting-edge technologies brought to light during the hottest tech event of the year.

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