How to make your chatbot more human-like

Chatbot’s potential is nothing new, and here at Bitext we have been talking about them for a while. We emphasize the importance of Natural Language Processing to overcome the current limitations...

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Why Linguistics for Text Analytics?

In previous posts, we have outlined the crucial role of Machine Learning for Analytics (in Machine Learning & Deep Linguistic Analysis in Text Analytics), and the implications of using Machine...

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What is behind our technology? Morphological analyzer

Usually in this blog we write about text analysis products such as lemmatizers or parsers and how they can help to solve issues in products that need an accurate understanding of text to function....

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How Phrase Structure can help Machine Learning for Text Analysis

This post dives into one of the topics of a previous post "Machine Learning & Deep Linguistic Analysis in Text Analytics". We referred to the strong points of Machine Learning technology for...

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NLP platform for Indian languages

India has the second largest population in the world after China with a fast growing economy. It is no surprise that many software and internet companies are focusing on this fast growing market....

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