Get ready for the GDPR

If you’ve read the latest the headlines (or your e-mail inbox), you are most likely to have run into the GDPR at least once. Or maybe you have been hearing about it for a while and wonder if or...

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Make your bot as smart as TechCrunch's

We have already talked a lot in this blog about training chatbots, the issues bot builders encounter in this task and our tips to enhance its performance, no matter the NLU platform they are built...

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How we made TechCrunch's bot more conversational

Some of you have asked for more details about the TechCrunch's Messenger bot upgrade, so we decided to share them here. Thus, in this article we will disclosure what exactly did the improvement...

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Why your bot needs to be truly conversational

How many times have you read an article about the best chatbot? For sure, when you dig into chatbot specialized media you find many articles on this topic. And the truth is that most of them will...

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Bitext makes TechCrunch's bot smarter and more conversational

We are thrilled to share these news with our readers. We have been working on a truly exciting project and now it’s finally out!

If you have been reading about chatbots for some time, you have...

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