What is the most criticized stuff in Twitter?

If we ask a Spanish consumer which ones are the most criticized companies on social media, he/she would quickly think about companies from very specific verticals: mobile communications and DSL broadband service, banking sector… But it is possible that we are qualifying those brands with a more negative reputation than the one they really have on social media.

And this is so because, if we consider the opinions in Twitter from April 1st 2012 to January 1st 2013 as analyzed by our service NaturalOpinions, the results are not that conclusive.

It is true that the reputation of those brands is generally negative, but Movistar, for example, has a reputation of -0.75, calculated from an analysis of 130,000 opinions; not so negative, as it seems. On the other hand, Vodafone got a slightly superior reputation of -0.63 during the same period, from an analysis of 22,600 opinions. And in the banking sector, the reputation of BBVA, for example, is rather positive, as it got a 1.15 value of reputation with almost 10,000 opinions, whereas Banesto got a respectable reputation of 0.86, but just with 1,300 opinions.

So, really, which are the worst evaluated brands? Answering the question would be too risky but thanks to our Deep Linguistic Analysis techniques we can at least detect those brands whose reputation in Twitter is far too worse than what we would have expected in the first place, and also detect which is the cause of this negative reputation.

We have found that La Caixa, for example, has a reputation of -2.91, as it has been adversely affected by the suicides related to mortgages. Only a few decimals ahead we have Repsol YPF, whose reputation, -2.76, most probably suffered from the events with the Argentinian Government. Gas Natural, which had to struggle with a scandal involving a false commercial representative in Ucraine, got a -2.2 of reputation. And finally, another company which recently went brankrupt, Spanair, had a reputation of -1.95.

It seems that, no matter how adverse the social climate against specific companies, specific facts are what really affects the social evaluation, facts which are repeatable and “retweetable”, which increase the criticism at a great speed and, in the end, affect the reputation of companies more than anything else.


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