Replace your FAQ-Section with a Conversational Bot

Let’s be honest: have you ever checked the FAQs of a website when you needed assistance regarding a product? Of course, not. They seem too boring for busy people these days. Many forward-looking companies are now making use of chatbots, fed with content from their websites, to automate their customer support channels so that all usual requests can be easily solved. Why not use the content included in your existing FAQs for the same purpose?

A website section called FAQs contains, as its name implies, the most frequently asked questions users have about a service or product. From a company’s point of view, this section may sound quite useful for potential clients. Nevertheless, people today would rather make a quick call instead of wasting time looking for an answer within tons of information deployed in a not-quite-easy-to-read format. To solve this problem, it would be a good idea to consider building an FAQ-bot into a SaaS platform. The Chur University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland, for instance, already got on board in this field and trained their virtual agent to answer questions in the style of FAQs.

Bitext Natural Language Understanding technology can be smoothly combined with FAQ data and make it easier for your customers to get straightforward answers to their queries at the click of a button. This transmission of data can be made in a matter of seconds accelerating your bot training. What’s more, with the help of Bitext artificial training data tool, thousands of sentence variants can be generated out of these FAQs so that the understanding accuracy of a bot greatly improves. Don’t believe? Click here to see for yourself a benchmark made for Amazon Lex.

FAQ-Bots Are The New Bots

As we know from experience, it is essential to have tons of training data to cover all the possible ways a customer may ask a question through human natural language so that you do not lose any potential client. Frequently, however, customers come up with questions like “may I make some changes in my order, please?” that these FAQs cannot answer. No worries. Bitext technologies will transform any input data into training data for the bot to learn. That’s to say, if users say something the bot doesn’t understand, that query will be part of the training process afterward as seen in the following graph:

lifecycle of a bot

There is no doubt, therefore, that including your FAQ content into your customer support bot will always be a good choice since the more information the bot has at its disposal, the more it will understand. Want to know more? Don’t miss our webinar “How to Make your Bot Work" to be announced soon.

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