Sentiment Analysis: Comparing is Fair Parte 1

We have already written how Sentiment Analysis can be very hard because of the type of language used in Social Media. Did you know, for example, that there are some sentences that can have more than one opinion even when there is only one expression which carries sentiment value? Is this possible? Well, yes: this is exactly the case of comparative sentences.

Comparative sentences normally compare a specific feature or quality of two or more brands, products or people. Sentences like "the iPad is as nice as the iPhone" or "the Galaxy is more/less expensive than the Xperia" are typical comparative sentences that appear frequently in Social Media.

The difficulty with processing these sentences from a Deep Linguistic Analysis viewpoint is to correctly parse the sentence and identify the subject, the verb predicate and the comparative structure, which can be a comparison of equality ("as nice as"), a comparison of superiority ("nicer than") or a comparison of inferiority ("less nice than"), among others. And of course, these can be negated ("is not as nice as", etc.).

So, how do we handle comparative structures? We'll see it in our next post!

In the meantime, discover how we do sentiment analysis.

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