Spanish, Internet's second language

It has been stated by a recently published report (in Spanish) from the Instituto Cervantes: Spanish is a language which is increasingly becoming more important.

It has already almost 500 million speakers all over the world, and it is the second most spoken language (only after Chinese and ahead of English). In a very few generations, 10% of the world population will speak Spanish.

On the Internet, Spanish is the third language, after English and Chinese. Over the last 10 years, it has grown 800%, much more than the rest of European languages.

And in Twitter, specifically, it is once more the second language, only after English. The next language in traffic is another language very close to us: Portuguese. And farther behind come Japanese, Arabic, Russian, Italian, French, and German.

In any case, these figures are not surprising for us. We had already pointed out that 15% of all the tweets sent nowadays are written in Spanish. But this report once more confirms the importance of a correct analysis of this language (as well as Portuguese) for the coming years, task which we continue to pursue.


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