Telefónica Digital and Bitext Caring for Customers via Sentiment Analysis

Press release from Telefónica Digital and Bitext:

Telefónica Digital and Bitext, caring for Customers via Sentiment Analysis

Madrid, Spain, Oct. 14th, 2013 Telefónica Digital and Bitext are working on a service to better understand the way users feel about products and brands on social media and the web. The solution surfaces different ingredients of user attitudes towards products, going beyond current sentiment offerings (positive or negative feelings). It uncovers the topic of every opinion (product, service, market), the actual expression that makes it relevant (the root cause), and the intensity of the attitude. All these factors are extracted automatically, at a massive scale and in real-time, to provide marketers with fresh and easy to understand insights on user feedback.

Bitext provides the text analysis technologies and consulting services required to reliably and accurately understanding user comments. This includes comments made on Social Media (Twitter, Facebook), blogs, forums… and any public source on the Web. English, Portuguese and Spanish have been chosen as initial languages.

Telefónica Digital is the digital innovation unit of Telefonica Group. In the digital world, it is essential to listen to customers, learn from them and feed it back into the business. The shorter this cycle takes, the quicker the business can react and improve the experience it offers customers.  The ambition is to provide an “out of the box” capability that ships with every digital product to discover new customer insights related to the products’ CSI (customer satisfaction index), brand perception, competition, and areas of improvement.

About Telefónica Digital

Telefónica Digital is a global business division of Telefónica. Its mission is to seize the opportunities within the digital world and deliver new growth for Telefónica through research & development, venture capital, global partnerships and digital services such as cloud computing, mobile advertising, M2M and eHealth. It is also driving innovation in over the top communications under a new umbrella brand called TU and in Big Data through Telefónica Dynamic Insights. Telefónica Digital will deliver these new products and services to Telefónica's 316 million customers as well as entering new markets. It is headquartered in London with regional centres in Silicon Valley, Sao Paulo, Spain and Tel Aviv. Axismed, Eleven Paths, giffgaff, Jajah, Media Networks Latin America and Terra are all managed under the Telefónica Digital umbrella.

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About Bitext

Bitext provides B2B multilingual semantic technologies with “documentably” the highest accuracy in the market. Bitext works for companies in two main markets: Text Analytics (Concept and Entity Extraction, Sentiment Analysis) for Social CRM, Enterprise Feedback Management or Voice of the Customer; and in Natural Language Interfaces for Search Engines. Bitext services are available through two different channels: the Bitext API, which provides a web service for third-party developers; and Bitext Consulting, which includes on-premise deployment and customization services for other markets (like Contextual Advertising or Business Intelligence).

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