2,617 Is the Number of Times We Touch our Phones Every Day

This is one of the top 5 hot trends that we learnt during the Chatbot Summit in Berlin. Believe it or not, websites have their days numbered. Chatbots are now considered to be ‘the Death of the Website’. In the mid 90’s, experts already dreamed of a world where brick-and-mortar stores would give way to e-commerce businesses. At that time, nobody would imagine that websites would be also killed by AI-powered conversational interfaces. 

Last Tuesday, the 4th international Chatbot Summit kicked off with a discussion about how conversational AI is transforming customer experience nowadays. In this talk, experts in the matter as Daniel Whaley from the BBC and Carolyn Duncan from Wells Fargo, shared their impressions about a topic which would be one of the trends to come on stage. Below, we gathered the highlights of the event so you don’t miss a thing.

  • Chatbots and Voice Assistants. As could not be otherwise, these virtual agents were at the forefront these two days. Companies as Booking.com or IBM Germany presented their newly-developed assistants to provide customer support, reducing, at the same time, many costs.
  • Customer Experience. One of the most significant novelties in customer experience is the automation of customer services through AI-powered bots. At the keynote, “How AI is Leading Change to Improve Customer Experience”, Arun Mani, Managing Director of Freshworks, made special mention of an enhancement in accuracy, speed and round-on-the-clock support that those virtual agents are bringing along for companies to provide a better customer experience.
  • Messaging. Messaging platforms, also known as RCS, such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger have become, at the speed of light, very popular in recent years. Thus, instantaneous communication is now part of the everyday life for a big majority of the population. Therefore, there is no better way for companies to reach potential clients that sending them instant messages through these chat apps.
  • Natural Language Processing. There is no doubt that natural language is the cornerstone of successful interactions between humans and machines. People do not want to talk like robots to be understood but the other way around: robots must learn how to get insights from human utterances in order to engage with them. In this aspect, NLP tools are considered the best solution. As an expert in the matter, Bitext has developed state-of-the-art NLP packages based on linguistic analyses, so that bots can understand every single query made by a user, even the toughest ones.
  • Conversational Commerce. As mention above, the new digital marketing strategy will be left to conversational AIs. As Bernd Würmseer from LivePerson mentioned in its presentation, conversational commerce is now available over SMS, messengers, voice assistants and brands’ own apps and websites. Consumers love the idea of messaging retailers telling them what they want as if they were talking with a friend via WhatsApp. That’s why companies should pay attention to conversational design too.


It seems like the beginning of a new era is just around the corner. A chatbot will be a man’s best friend, especially when Artificial Intelligence will retain and make use of preferences to provide a better future experience. Do you think people will really bond with them? If they really talk like a human, who knows… we’ll see what the future holds.

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